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Button MainePERS constantly monitors the financial markets.  If you also watch the financial markets, you know they are currently experiencing volatility.  The MainePERSpective Fall 2014 newsletter explains how MainePERS works to ensure proper funding of the Defined Benefit Plans.  Click here to read the story.

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The MainePERS Board of Trustees set the 2014 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) at their August meeting.  Based on the law, they voted to set the COLA at 2.1% for 2014. The three-year freeze on COLAs expired in 2013. This means that for eligible retirees, a COLA increase of 2.1% will resume this September, based on the Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers (CPI-U) as of June 30, 2014. More information follows or for more details, click the COLA Update button below.


September 2014 COLA Payments at a Glance

State/Teacher, Legislative and Judicial Plan Recipients:



2014 COLA: Regular COLA Increases Resume:


WHO:  Those receiving a monthly State/Teacher, Legislative or Judicial benefit and are eligible for COLA in 2014.


WHAT: Permanent Increase to Monthly Benefit


WHEN: Paid as a part of your monthly benefit, beginning September 2014


HOW:  2.1% paid on first $20,000 of benefit; maximum $420 annual increase.  


2013 COLA: Final One-Time COLA Payment


WHO: Those receiving a monthly State/Teacher, Legislative or Judicial benefit and were eligible for COLA in 2013.


WHAT: One-Time COLA Payment


WHEN: The COLA will be paid in a lump sum on Friday, September 19, 2014. Payment will be deposited into the same account or mailed to the same address as your regular monthly benefit payment.


HOW: Paid on first $30,000 of benefit, based on the 2013 CPI-U, up to 1.8% ($540.00 maximum)  

NOTE:  Some recipients will be eligible for both the Regular COLA increase and the Final One-Time COLA payment in September 2014.




PLD Plan Recipients:  Regular COLA increases continue in 2014:


WHO:  Those receiving a monthly PLD benefit and are eligible for COLA in 2014.


WHAT: Permanent Increase to Monthly Benefit


WHEN: Paid as a part of your monthly benefit, beginning September 2014.


HOW:  2.1% paid on the retiree's current benefit.

Click here for important information regarding GASB Statement Nos. 67 and 68.

Detailed information about Legislative changes to the PLD Consolidated Plan that were implemented in 2014 can be found here.

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